6. Procedure & Waiting Time

After client signs up with us, it takes 2 weeks to – a month to prepare the advertisement video depending on how responsive the client is.

During the process, the client can directly communicate with the creative team through email.

Here’s our process as a list:

  1. Client completes the contract signing & deposits the initial deposit amount.
  2. We send the client WELCOME PACK describing our process & a web form where he can submit his video advertisement/other requirements.
  3. After clients submits the web form, it goes directly to our Creative Team.
  4. Upon receiving details from client, our Creative Team starts working on the video advertisement. During this stage, a Creative Team Manager will keep communicating with the client until the client approves the video for going live.
  5. After you confirm the video, you’ll receive a video confirmation email & if possible, we’ll also inform you your go live date.
  6. After your ad goes live, we’ll contact you & your 2 billing years will be counted from then.